Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaack!

It was a wonderful trip -- as I expected it to be!

On the way home I stopped at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.... A fabulous no-kill animal shelter on 3000 acres of incredibly beautiful canyon country just outside Kanab UT. This is the koi pond outside the Visitor's Center.

One of the things we did at the Dance Camp was a Poetry Workshop, led by Adrianna Heideman. It proved to be more fun and more illuminating for me than I expected. She had us read the first lines of poems from several books she had brought, and to use those lines to inspire us to write.... each time we would have 5 minutes to write whatever came to us, unedited. I wrote three poems and was surprised to find that I actually liked them -- as I had never been a poet or creative writer before.

Here is the first one...

Invisible Work

On the best days I offer this invisible work:

dreaming the deep
sifting the sands of my subconscious
for nuggets of truth
A beautiful jewel of truth
or a kernel of pain and distress

And there is a lifeline between me and the Beloved
the Me in Thee
the He in She
the We in Me

And Angels rollerskate on this road
this lifeline
carrying those jewels and kernels
The jewels go to the Beloved
The kernels go to the cosmic boneyard

for purification

for healing

for Re-Union

Shakura Cathryn

"Enlightenment is not what you think." ~Ivan M. Granger

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