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We Are Not Alone - My UFO Experiences

Ok, I have not forgotten that there was a request to hear about my UFO experiences. Unique times……. The space movie Star Trek has inspired me to complete this UFO tale.

In about 1974 I was living with my craziest ex-husband, at my hippie-est time of life, in a tipi out on a farm a few miles outside Austin, Texas. The land was rolling hills without a lot of trees (lots of farming in the area, so the land had been cleared a lot.)

We lived simply – by that I mean that we were not druggies, but were doing our best to be in tune with the land, the skies, the rhythms of nature. It was actually quite a beautiful place to live and fairly comfortable, as it was winter in central Texas, where it is not severely cold, and it was not SUMMER which would have been quite hot for living in a small space like a tipi. The crazy part came from his interest in all sorts of paranormal events and ideas. He bought all kinds of UFO magazines and read a lot about the hollow earth theory, UFO’s, sasquatches, and whatever else was unusual and outside of “normal” perceptions, normal life. (And he was a bit crazy in other ways, but that’s another story.)

So one night about maybe *9 pm he went outside to pee. (*We had no electricity in this tipi and at that time in the early 70’s, no battery powered electronics. It had been dark for several hours and in winter, that would be about 9pm.) Remember that a tipi with a fire inside glows in the dark………….

And I was sitting inside, and I heard him calling me, almost in a whisper, but very excited…. “Get out here! You gotta see this!”

There was a farmhouse on this farm land, about 200 yards(?) from our tipi. Close enough to see well….. but far enough away to give some perspective on things…..

So I went outside, and there, over the farmhouse, was a UFO – as large as the house, or perhaps larger. I mean, this thing was BIG in the sky. There was absolutely NO WAY we could mistake what we were looking at!

This is the closest picture I can find, but it was rounder than this….. Actually I have narrowed this picture to make it look more round, but that UFO was ROUND. Like this pic, it had lights that appeared to be windows all around the “equator” of the craft. Similar to this, but they were bigger and like flattened ovals, each one touching (or nearly touching) the next one to the right and left of it. As the UFO was sitting still over the farmhouse, it was quiet and no lights were changing or flashing. It was eerily quiet.

As we stood there gawking at it, a very bright white light came out of the bottom of it, similar to this, but narrower in relation to the overall size of the UFO, and it TELESCOPED OUT at a diagonal angle toward us. You could see the end of the beam of light as it came out of the craft, like extruding a piece of plastic from a mold…. or pushing a piece of spaghetti out of the package. It telescoped out toward us until it was shining on us and our tipi.

We stood there looking at it for an undetermined amount of time, and then it withdrew its light – it retracted it and again we could see the end of the beam of light retreating from us. And then the “windows” around the equator of the thing began lighting up in sequence, left to right from our perspective, red-amber-green-amber-redambergreenamberredambergreenamber……….. getting faster and faster. And the thing took off. This is hard to describe but I will try…. If you hold your hands up in the air at arm’s length, open in such a position that you are indicating a big circle, and then your move your hands together quickly while closing your hands so that the circle you are “holding” becomes very small very fast and in fact disappears into a tiny dot – that is what this thing did. It took off so fast that it just appeared to become a (quickly disappearing) dot, without really any directional motion. And it was all silent. No sound at any time.

We went back into the tipi and sat and gaped at each other for awhile…. pretty much speechless…. although it did occur to us to wonder how long we were out there. We had no way of knowing, since we had no clock. It could have been 2 minutes – or hours. We had, of course, read of people being abducted who had no way to account for the time “missing” from when they first saw the UFO to the time they regained “normal” consciousness. And it would be only after hypnosis that they would remember the actual events of the time away while they were in the ship – or wherever they were taken. So we don’t know if we were out of the tipi for 2 minutes or two hours or ??

We theorized that they stopped over the farmhouse to look at the tipi, since a glowing tipi is not a frequent sight on Planet Earth these days. And when we came out, they decided to look more closely at us, thus extending their beam of very bright white light to shine on us.

Years later I was working with a pretty amazing seer/healer woman and I asked her to “look into” that experience and tell me whether or not we had been abducted and she said, “No, but the light that they shined on you was detrimental to your health. They were scanning you to determine whether or not you would be good subjects for their DNA gathering activities.” That was an attempt to bolster the rather fragile physical nature of their own species. She said the light somewhat scrambled our DNA and that contributed to the health problems I’ve had most of my adult life. Apparently they found us unsuitable! But she also said they actually impregnated the woman who lived in the farm house while they were there. And indeed – she did have a baby about 9 months later! I never saw the child….. we had moved away by then and the last I saw of that woman she was VERY pregnant and apparently healthy.

Several months later, after the wintertime sighting of the UFO over the farmhouse, we saw another UFO of the same type – again so close and so large that there could be no mistaking what we were seeing.

Warm weather had arrived and we were with another couple at Lake Travis, one of the most enjoyable and beautiful features of living in the Austin area. This is a really beautiful big lake – a man-made lake behind a dam on the Colorado River. There is a fault line, the Balcones Fault, that runs through the area, pretty much in alignment with the river, I believe. So on one side of the lake the land tends more to the type of gently rolling hills that the farm was on. On the other side the land is much rockier and rougher, and is also thrust up higher than the rolling hills. So on the “softer” side the land eases down to water level and there is easier access to the water, and sandy shores. On the rockier side there are often limestone cliffs – I’m guessing averaging about 20 to 30 feet high. And in some places between the cliffs there are gentler slopes going out farther into the water, perhaps created by long-ago landslides. At these places it is easier to walk down to the water. These formations create coves or inlets with the cliffs at the back of them and some nice sheltered sandy lakeshore areas that are good places for an afternoon of swimming, and relaxing…..

These pictures shows the type of shoreline…. so picture us at the back of one of these inlets, but with higher cliffs behind us.

We had spent the afternoon there, relaxing and swimming. That night we were at the back of one of those coves, with a beautiful limestone cliff behind us, and a view to the left of us somewhat like this:

But you have to imagine how it would be farther back to the left, as the land rose up to the height of the cliffs. (And, at night, it was dark, of course.)

We were back there with a nice fire going and we were cooking hotdogs over the fire, when we saw, coming up over the point of land extending out into the lake to our left, one of those same type of UFO’s – again, as big as a house – or bigger – SO big we could not mistake what we were seeing. Big, round, with windows or lights around the “equator” of the craft. It was moving very slowly and it came into view from VERY LOW – meaning it could only have come up from being IN THE LAKE. It moved slowly and soundlessly up over the point of land to our left and over the cliff behind us until it was out of sight.

Quite beautiful, actually.

There is quite a lot of military presence in Central Texas (or was, at that time) so we theorized that there were more UFO’s in that area to keep an eye on the military bases around there.

Not long after that we moved to another part of the state, and eventually to a log cabin in the pine forest in East Texas, where we saw what appeared to be a sasquatch.

And then I left the crazy person there in the woods, and moved away and eventually divorced him.

Since that time I have not seen anything I could clearly identify as a UFO, although I have seen some questionable lights in the sky… but they were all small dots of light. Questionable, though, because they were doing things that I know stars don’t do, and airplanes don’t do, and I don’t think satellites do – like figure 8 movements. Still, though, too small to verify.

A couple of years ago, some friends of ours were at a gathering of friends down toward the end of Tissaw Road in Cornville. Two cars left at the same time, driving up Tissaw toward Cottonwood, with a good view of Mingus Mountain. The couple in one car said they were watching a UFO quite easily visible in front of Mingus Mountain during the drive all the way up Tissaw – for about 10 minutes. The couple in the other car did not see it at all.

My theory about UFO’s is that they are here – all the time – in parallel realities, but they are only visible to those who really have an interest in seeing them. I believe that belief and desire for the experience enables some of us – on occasions – to open a dimensional window into those parallel realities to see them.

There are many people here in the Sedona area who take photos of orbs – circular lights all around us. A few see them with their eyes, but most do not. I think it’s the same thing there. Some few people are open to seeing into those parallel realities, and actually perhaps attract those beings to them with their belief and desire for contact.

I believe my ex-husband’s interest in UFO’s and other paranormal phenomena opened those dimensional doors of perception for us. Since I had less interest, I have not seen them since I have been away from him.

"Is it reality, or is it not reality? All things are reality. Even if only one is imagining it, it is a reality in that the thought has been offered and someone, who has the ability to translate that vibration, will perceive it. It must be fair to say that anything that can be perceived must be reality. Because, as creators, your reality depends upon what you are willing to imagine and allow." ~Abraham

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