Friday, July 9, 2010

Thank you for....

This beautiful song by Sinead O'Connor is dedicated to all who love me - my friends, family, extended family. I do so appreciate the love and support I receive from all of you - and especially my husband Tim!

Thank you for…

hearing me
loving me
seeing me
not leaving me
staying with me
not hurting me

You are...
gentle with me

Thanks for…
silence with me

Thank you for…
holding me
helping me
breaking my heart 
       tearing me apart
       now I’m a strong strong heart…

Shakura Cathryn
"The most needed, wanted, and powerful activity in which you can engage on or off the job is to authentically recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate others." ~Brian Koslow
“We humans are fundamentally creatures of community. We instinctively seek one another out and know ourselves through the eyes of our loved ones.” ~Ivan M. Granger

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