Friday, December 11, 2009

Prayer Request / Medicine Buddha Mantra

I learned tonight that the daughter of our neighbors was severely injured in a car crash about a month ago, in Washington state where she was in college. She had head injuries as well as having her pelvis broken in 5 places. She is "not all here" mentally at this time, although the doctors are hopeful she will have full recovery of her brain functions. At this time she her brain is still swollen. She is severely limited in her ability to move, as well, and will have a long and difficult haul to recovery. She is a VERY talented and super intelligent young woman who had been very active in our community from a very young age, taking it upon herself to organize and publish a local newsletter with information about how to be more environmentally conscious, news about local politics and events, etc.

And her parents are also going through a divorce at this time, so it is an intensely difficult and stressful time for the whole family.

If you are inclined to prayer, please include this family in your prayers... Rod (father), Patty (mother) and Katie (daughter). I don't want to include their last name as I don't know that they would want their identities published.

Here is a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist healing mantra.

Tayatha Om Bekandze
Bekandze Maha Bekandze
Randze Samu Gate Soha

Tibetan Buddhist Mantra - To eliminate not only pain of diseases but also help in overcoming the major inner sickness of attachment, hatred, jealousy, desire, greed and ignorance. Mantra chanted by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche from the CD 'The Blessing from H.H. Penor Rinpoche for World Peace'.

Shakura Cathryn  
"The fruit of silence is prayer.
The fruit of prayer is faith.
The fruit of faith is love.
The fruit of love is service.
The fruit of service is peace."

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