Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vibration Creates Form

After my last post of poetry about the man who could not hear the singing of the stars, I have been having a conversation with a friend about the "music" of creation -- the frequencies and sounds of all the atoms in the Universe, vibrating matter into the various forms we see.

And then today I find the link to this video: I love the synchronicities of life!

I just wish we could have heard the sounds that were played to create the patterns of movement of the materials in the video.

From :

“The human body itself is intrinsically musical, right down to the DNA that makes up our genes. Even our DNA has its own melody. The idea that DNA and music might be connected comes from the work of a geneticist, Dr. Susumu Ohno. In order to understand Dr. Ohno's insights, we need to understand that every organism's genes are composed of strands of DNA, which in turn are made up of four so-called nucleotides. In an imaginative leap, Dr. Ohno assigned musical notes to these four substances The result was a melodic composition that was finally fleshed out with harmonies, by his wife, Midori, a musician. When completely transcribed, the scores were then performed by professional musicians on instruments such as the piano or organ, violin, and viola.

Dr. Ohno, has so far, notated over fifteen "songs of the DNA" of a variety of living organisms. He finds that the more evolved an organism is, the more complicated its music. To listeners knowledgeable about classical music, these DNA-based compositions have been taken variously for the music of Bach, Brahms, Chopin, and other great composers. These melodies are majestic and inspiring. Many persons hearing them for the first time are moved to tears; they cannot believe that their bodies, which they believed to be mere collections of chemicals, contain such uplifting, inspiring harmonies -- that they are musical.”

It seems to me that I have always known that the sounds create the forms. And EVERYTHING has it's sound, even if we can't hear it with the limited range of the human ear. The Universe is singing itself into Being!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...

Shakura Cathryn  

I can still hear what I thought
At the edge of silence where the inside jokes
Of my heartbeat, my arterial traffic,
The C above high C of my inner ear, myself
Tunelessly humming, but now I know what they are:
My fair share of the music of the spheres
And clusters of ripening stars,
Of the songs from the throats of the old gods
Still tending even tone-deaf creatures
Through their exiles in the desert.
~ David Wagoner

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