Thursday, April 2, 2009

Shared Intention for Peace and Abundance

Check out this website and participate if you can and believe in power of prayer

The G-20 Summit Initiative

On Thursday, April 2, world leaders representing 85% of the world's economic output will gather in London, Englane for the G-20 Summit. Faced with one of the worst international banking crises in generations, world leaders, including U.S. President Barack Obama, convene in an attempt to stabilize the global economy, strengthen international financial systems, and put the world economy on track for sustainable growth that would reduce poverty and increase employment for people around the globe.

We can help.

We now have substantial scientific evidence to support the idea that group intention can drive real, tangible changes in our modern world. To date, most of these studies have demonstrated the power of focused intention, meditation and prayer as a means to reduce violence and create an environment of peace.

What if we used the same principle to come together on April 2, united in the consciousness of abundance? What if, through our collective intention, we could support our global leaders and contribute to the healing of the world economy?

What to do...

Each hour on April 2, at the top of the hour, pause to reflect on our intention statement (below). If you are able, allow yourself ten minutes to pray or meditate on thoughts of abundance for all people.

Print out the intention statement and carry it with you today.

Watch the video to be guided through the ten-minute process, or just reflect on the affirmation statement as you are able.

Set a reminder for the top of each hour. As we join together in the same intention at the same time, we magnify the power of our collective consciousness.

Invite others of like-mind to join us.
If you'd like to share your experiences or thoughts about this vigil, please visit our online community at


Together we will transcend the economic climate of fear, and deliver a faith-filled blessing of prosperity to all nations. Thank you for bringing a blessing of hope and faith to our world.

Learn more about the G-20 Summit in London, England:


Blessings, Cathryn

"If you are concerned about money, read the motto on it: IN GOD WE TRUST" ~Angels, channeled by Ann Albers

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