Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Abraham on Death

Abraham speaks to a mother about a son who committed suicide and is now in non-physical.

If you have ever lost anyone dear to you, or if you have been contemplating death for any reason, I recommend watching this interview. Definitely worth the time…. and they get better and better as you move from the first, to the second, to the third. By the third video tears of …. beauty! …. were streaming down my face.

“That’s the best conversation we’ve had about death, ever.” ~Abraham/Hicks

“This is probably not new information for most of us, but I found it very poignant, hearing it delivered in such a personal and profound way for this mother. 

Shakura Cathryn
Make fun of death. We are as dead as it gets, and we are fully aware of this joyous experience. We are with you every time you allow it. We are in every singing bird and in every joyful child. We are part of every delicious pulsing in your environment. We are not dead, and neither will you ever be! You will just get up, one day, and get out of the movie. ~Abraham

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