Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Am Waiting

I am Waiting

(after  Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

I am waiting for the redwoods to pick up their roots and leave the forest.

I am waiting for the elders to jump out of their wheelchairs and cha cha down the long lonely hallway.

I am waiting for every 9th grader in America to hop on a school bus bound for Washington
to camp out for a week on the floors of Congress and talk some sense into elected officials.

I am waiting for the thunder to shake us from our sleep
for the tropical winds to melt the glaciers of our hearts and warm us up
to the vision of the one walking toward us.

I am waiting for a new dawn to wake up into
where women in Darfur are writing books
women in Tehran are teaching the tango
women in Palestine and Jerusalem are dismantling walls,
brick by brick.

I am waiting for the end of the red, white and blues.
For the end of commercialism, consumerism, capitalism

I am waiting for the future to enter into me like Godseed
for evolution to rip through me like a tornado
sucking into its funnel
every mean tendency
every old notion that's had its day
and is due to retire.

I am waiting for religions to die
so God can live
for churches and temples and mosques
to be places of joy
where the hungry are fed,
the sick are healed,
the elders are cared for.

I am waiting for people to believe in the words of the man who said whatever I have done in the name of the Creator
you can do as well, and even more.

I am waiting for them to DO that, to love like that and more.
I am  waiting for people to fall on their knees, tears streaming,
haloes of light round each hallowed head,
as they watch the deliverance of God
from his heavenly cell
to a world made ready
for that hugeness of love.

I am waiting for the children to teach us,
the trees to save us, the oceans to sail us
into truer horizons
where we can see-
in spite of this darkness-
there is light inside
if we rub off the dark.

September 2010

Shakura Cathryn
 "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." ~Eleanor Roosevelt
"The future is composed of thoughts not yet materialized." ~Raymon Grace

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