Saturday, March 14, 2009

Energetic Blessings

After our cat Isis left her body, about 4:30 pm Friday the 13th(!), I had a very loving communication from and with her.

I feel energy, instead of seeing visions, so when I get guidance or messages from unseen ones, it usually comes in the form of energy. I was sitting with her energy, and crying, and I felt a swirl of energy come to me. First it touched my heart, and then moved from my heart up and around my face, in the shape of a heart. And then it moved to the palms of my hands, where it circled a few times. This energy then moved over my head and down my back “petting” me as I often petted her. Then it moved to my throat and chin, and to the top of my head, also as I had often scratched and petted Isis. Then it moved down the front of my body and petted my belly.

Then it swooped over to where her body was lying nearby on a blanket and indicated that she wanted me to pick up her body and put it in a bed that I had made for her yesterday, using a desk drawer and a beautiful shawl that I got from my friend Gena. Isis didn’t want to be in that bed yesterday – it was really a little bit too small for her live body. But today I really understood that she wanted to honor the effort I had made to create that bed for her.

And then when I had her body in the bed, the energy swooped toward the door, and I understood that she wanted me to take her body outside. So I took her out onto the porch on the side of the house, and set the bed down. And I sat in the chair next to her. Right away, our other cat, Paulina, came up and looked at her, and smelled her, and walked away. And then I knew that she had wanted her body taken outside so she could let Paulina see her body, and know that she had died.

And then she wanted me to bring her body back inside to wait for Tim to get home.


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